House Hunters – Organization

Happy February 2nd, everyone!

This past weekend, I got a lot of much needed organizing done! I am a very organized person, so the clutter and organized mess (yes you read that correctly, even my mess was organized) finally got to me! Of course, like everything in the house this too will be a work in progress, only because I’m a perfectionist and like everything to match. My main areas that still need some organization are; my bedroom closet, bathroom closet and hall closet, office closet and desk space. I need to put up some more shelves in all of the mentioned closets, and then matching boxes/tubs for various items.

Until I have my spaces complete, I wanted to share my favorite organization inspiration pictures for various places around the house!

Of course a lot of these ideas will be adapted into my own space and own needs, that’s the one thing I love about organizing – it’s that I can be creative and think of new ways to give everything a resting place. What’s your favorite part about being organized?

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