Bye 2014!

As I look back at the goals I set for 2014, (as seen in: Happy New Year. Happy New You!) – I accomplished a lot – and even some that weren’t on the list.  And then, there were a few that I still need to work towards.

See for yourself…

My 2014 Goals:
1)  Run a half marathon – Completed!
2)  Read at least one book a month – I read 6.5 books
3)  Become an AE – Still working on this one (it was an ambitious goal)
4)  Get back into my workout routine – strengthening and cardio – Failed horribly
5)  Save more money! – Half fail
6)  Take more trips with Bentley – Success! Jackson Hole + NYC
7)  Write more on my blog/journal –Success!
8)  Don’t hold grudges/ be less stubborn – I hope this was a bit of a success
9)  Continue to eat healthier – Success, but could always be better!

2014, you went by way too fast. You also brought on new adventures, one which all of you are aware of – our new house! It was the year I said good-bye to Derek Jeter. The year that I got a new car… My first full year of being a full-time employed advertising account person… the year I was just so damn busy (but it sure was fun!).

I am still thinking of my 2015 goals…more to come on those in my official kick-off to 2015!

Did you have 2014 goals? How successful were you?

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