House Hunters

Recently Bentley and I have been looking at houses, hoping to find our home. After renting for the last 3 years (and even longer for B), we are both at the point where if we are going to be paying hundreds of dollars a month on rent, we would rather pay towards something that could be ours and build equity.

We have been on the search for a week and already we have had two house heartbreaks. We’ve found that the houses we end up seeing and loving, usually end up with an offer literally the next day. Then they’re gone. Just. Like. That.

We are eager to find a house, but also aren’t on any timeline, we still have time on our lease but at the same time are hesitant to look at houses knowing how quickly they get snatched up, or how quickly we’d have to decide and place an offer at the risk of entering into a bidding war. Only to end up having time remaining on our lease.

Recent homeowners, what’s your advice to first time home buyers when going through this process? Have you lost a house? How many houses did you see before you found the one?

Happy House Hunting!

xo- eb



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