Today is one of the best days… EVER! Yes, EVER!


Because it’s the day my very best friend came to being on this earth – a moment that has affected sooo many lives in the most amazing ways.FullSizeRender
Although she is 7-months younger than me, Katie has always seemed like the adult in our friendship, I’ve always looked up to her for advice and guidance on life.  And we’ve also been fortunate to be in similar paths in life.  Serious boyfriends, then living together boyfriends, jobs, houses, fiances, dogs, weddings…

Katie is someone I can completely be myself around, my dorky, goofy, and sometimes not so cute-self.  She has seen me in good times and bad and she’s known me in lots of different stages and parts of my life.
Happy Birthday Bestie, MOH<3 I love you!


Weekend Recap – Farms & Firsts

This past weekend has been a busy one, B and I have been little social bees.  It was fun, yet exhausting especially since I am still fighting my summer cold. But I must admit this past weekend has only gotten me more excited for this upcoming weekend – just you wait! Eeeek!

The weekend was officially kicked off with a baseball game Friday night with most of B’s family to celebrate his cousin’s 18th birthday!  It was a perfect night for a game, not to mention it was dollar dog night and Rat Pack fireworks.  And after the hellish end of my work Friday a few cold Miller Lite’s hit the spot.

Saturday morning started with a Girl’s Brunch at A’s house. It was the perfect morning catching up with the girls from my previous job, the girls that are so near and dear to me. Not to mention we were able to see her beautiful house and beautiful farm.  They have chickens, cows, pigs and sheep! It was fun walking around the farm and actually seeing so much of what A has told us about.  It was also great getting some girl time outside of the normal city-scape and quick lunch meet-ups.

Sunday was all about Miss Avery as we celebrated her FIRST birthday, the first of many!  It was a Minnie Mouse theme, with pink all over and it was adorably perfect.  This being my first, first birthday party in my adult life, I wasn’t sure what to expect – honestly I was hoping for a bounce house. Maybe there will be one at her 2nd birthday *smiles* She definitely pulled a diva moment with her smash cake and wanted nothing to do with it. But quickly shaped up in time to open her presents, that-a-girl. She got ridiculously spoiled with adorable outfits, stuffed animals and toys; which I admit we participated in. The summer has been moving quick, so it was good to see B’s family all under one roof.


It was a fun, busy weekend full of family and friends.  This week might be a bit torturous to get through, only because the excitement for Saturday is going to start increasing daily!  No telling. You’ll have to wait and see but I’ll give ya a hint, wedding.

Have a good week!

My MOH Proposal

This past week, I finally popped the question to my BFF, Katie, if she would be my MOH!! Now this is probably no surprise to any (especially if you’ve kept up with my MOH journey for Katie’s wedding).  I don’t think it was a surprise to Katie either, since we’ve had a lot of chats about it throughout her wedding festivities and ever since I’ve been engaged. So knowing all of this, and knowing that I am 260 miles away from Katie on a regular basis, I wanted to surprise her!  So after racking my brain away on exactly how to do it, I came up with…. I would send her gold letter balloons spelling out “MOH?” (each in a different box, labeled) with a card, and then a champagne flute and champagne with some other goodies in a basket.

Well finding golden balloon letters was a bit of a challenge, especially the question mark. And I wasn’t trying to spend a fortune, so I ordered the MOH from amazon and the question mark from etsy… it was a bit of a process. I finally got the balloons in the mail, I had ordered the 40″ letters instead of 16″ – thinking the 16″ would be too small… well the 40″ were gigantic (a lot larger than my mind had scaled them to be, oops!) So the box option got shot out of the window, because the boxes would’ve been ginormous.

Back to the drawing board for the surprise.

Luckily my mom was in town the other weekend when I’d received the balloons, I schemed with her to see if she could (1) get the balloons blown up and (2) coordinate with Katie’s mom to get the balloons in Katie’s house during the day. She could take the balloons and card back home and help me put everything into place.

The plan was back on.

Since a few of the other details didn’t arrive in time and the box thing go thrown off, I had to (I say had too, because if you know me, things need to be over the top) send along some roses with the balloons. I had already ordered the card way ahead of time since it was a pinterest find ages ago. It was perfect. Not to mention I was able to pick out a gold envelope that would match perfectly with the gold balloons.

So this past Wednesday, my Mom and Lori got the balloons into Katie’s house and all set-up in the dinning room (and yes the balloons fit in my moms car), sending me pictures along the way.  It was perfect, oh and the balloons were still HUGE.  Hehe. So once things got set-up, I waited. I got a call around 5:30 from Katie telling me she had these massive balloons in her house that just about scared the crap out of her… and that of course she would be my MOH. 
IMG_4987She said, Yes!!

I can’t wait to have Katie help me along the way and share in these special moments, like I got to share in with all of hers.  I have a MOH! The distance was tough during Katie’s wedding, but it’s these moments that it’s especially tough and I wish I could’ve just drove to her house (in a timely matter).  But this just means we will have to plan a few more weekends that normal together!
IMG_5008IMG_5010It was fun surprising Katie from 260 miles away.  I can’t wait to see her in person and give her a gigantic hug and part 2 of the MOH proposal!



Fitness Friday no. 19

Happy Friday!! This week flew by, woah! I don’t even know where it went, not to mention a lovely summer cold has also greeted me this week. It’s kinda of the worst especially with this humidity. Anyways! Enough negatives, onto the positives. I wanted to do something different for this FF, especially since the last  Fitness Friday (No. 18) I’m still feeling not so hot about myself. So I wanted to focus on the positives, along with ways to grow and ways to get there.

My Week’s Highlight: Ran a total of 8-miles, B and I got out twice this week and ran together. The mileage and running with B are two things that haven’t happened in a long time and it felt great!

Area to Focus: Continue to eat and plan meals better.

Active Change: I’m going to rearrange some things in my finances and change my spa membership to a gym membership. Body and mind over nails (sorry nails).

Inspiration for the Week:
Ultimately we have to do things that keep us happy and healthy while finding a balance in doing just that and pinpointing what is manageable. I am happy with a lot of things, but I could definitely be happier with the way I feel about myself, mainly because I know what I am capable of vs. what I have actually been doing.

Cheers to an active weekend to work into the upcoming week!


DIY – Coordinates Sign

Remember our big attic renovation into our master suite?  Well the little details have still been a work in progress, as they usually are. But we are getting closer to getting the little details finished up. I am finally happy to share one of the last pieces to the gallery wall puzzle. It’s a coordinates sign that I made using old wood from our house and the renovation! IMG_4970IMG_4972I love the way it came out, the old wood is what brings this simple sign to life. The metallic silver lettering also pops on the wood grain with a nice mix of old and new. I wanted to keep it simple with the text and not do anything to fancy to really rely on the wood to pull this piece to life with the metallic accents. One of my goals for the gallery wall if you remember wayyy back to my Gallery Wall Inspiration was that I wanted to add color, textures, and different elements that represent B and I without it getting too girly.  I feel like the earthy wood grain in the coordinates sign helps balance the ‘girly’ along with pulling in the other wooden frames used on the wall.
IMG_4716IMG_4972For now the gallery wall is feeling pretty complete. There may be some additional pictures added below but for the longest time there was this awkward section where the coordinates sign ended up going, so order has been restored! And I am loving the piece of our home that we’ve been able to restore in more than one way.

Weekend Recap – Family Fun

Whenever my weekends are especially fun, it always makes Monday’s that much harder but it’s the good weekends that also help plow through the work week!

This weekend was certainly a busy one and non-stop.  My parents arrived in town Friday afternoon and we had plans for “happy hour” at my aunts before we went to Twilight at the Zoo.  Well “happy hour” lasted a bit longer than expected and between the good company and the heat, we never made it to the zoo! Whoops. Instead we went to a late dinner at a local wine bar and got some yummy pizza (yes, cheat day!)

Saturday we woke up, enjoyed some fresh coffee and then started the day with an appointment at a potential wedding venue. It was an awesome venue, but not sure if it’s the one. From there we ran a few errands and then picked up the pups to hit the road to my aunt and uncle’s house.  We went boating with them and my cousin Hailee for most of the afternoon.  It was a perfect day to be out on the water and work on the tan.  We used to go out on their boat almost every summer with the rest of the extended family but haven’t done that in yearrssss. So it was fun to be back out on the lake, go tubing and enjoy some beverages and laughs with the family.  It was especially nice to spend some more time with Hailee, as I get older, I try not to take for granted the time I get with my cousins we all used to see each other so much and now it’s rare treats!

We all took turns tubing. I always forget how intense it is, it’s always a little scary yet thrilling thing to do, I definitely scream a lot and laugh (my voice was a bit scratchy the rest of the night!) haha, my Uncle Ron does a good job at stirring and getting some waves.  B and I went out twice and survived the first but I fell off the second time.  My dad and B also hit some good waves and got some air, so much that the tube was flipped upside down!  We were definitely all sore the next day. #GettingOld But, in between tubing we did relax and enjoy the lake, sunshine and company.

Eventually we headed back to my aunt and uncle’s house for a cookout, to eat the yummiest marinated chicken breasts, corn on the cob and fruit salad. It was perfection. We ended with some apple crisp pie before hitting the road back home. It was a long day! We definitely all slept good.

Sunday we went to church and the brunch (at our favorite spot; Jammy Buggars) we then headed to the house and squeezed a few small home projects in, so my dad could help us out with!  It was another beautiful day, finally cool (and by cool: low-80’s) so we enjoyed a little puppy play date with our neighbors and got a few other things done around the house.  Another great weekend in the books and another week of life to live.

Here’s to a successful week!


Latest Obsessions: August Edition

Starting out on the first Friday of August, here’s what I am obsessed with lately!  Even though it seems like summer is coming to an end, it still feels like we are just getting started and have a lot more hot days and weekends to enjoy! So I hope you enjoy and share in some of these latest obsessions.

Kate Spade: Outdoor & Home
I first saw some of these gems at a Hallmark on steroids on our Denver trip.  It was the Hallmark location in Cherry Creek. And it was amazing! I also thought the plastic cups with fun lemon patterns, polka dots and other bright patterned pieces were perfect, especially for summer. I don’t know if I would actually spend the money on these, but I feel like everyone needs a good set of entertaining plastics ‘glasses’ or wine glasses.  And everything else is just too cute and perfect to keep summer lasting!

latest obsessions - the bee life
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Our Engagement Pictures
We have been getting teased with small batches of our engagement pictures since we first had them done in mid-June.  It’s been a little torturous waiting to see what the rest look like after getting teased with the first 5 and then a week later 5 more… but they have definitely been worth the wait! I received the latest batch of the most current and I honestly can’t stop staring at them. I’m a hypocrite for mocking every other bride-to-be who posted a million engagement pictures one right after the other on social… so I am definitely pacing myself from blasting them all! So you all get the first peak of the next batch. *smiles*

Photo credit: timothylogan.com 

Silver Picture Frames
Sooo… Marshall’s has been killing it with elegant, classic silver frames lately.  I first bought a few for my mom and FMIL to give them a picture of when B and I got engaged, but now that we have these awesome engagement photos coming in I need more! The pictures just pop in the frames whether its a color or  black & white photo. I was half tempted to buy all new frames for our living room, but quickly realized that was a bit ridiculous … but maybe it’ll still happen.

What’ve you been obsessing over lately? Leave a comment below & let me know!


Local Love – Jammy Buggars

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some local love, so I’m going to highlight one of our favorite spots, Jammy Buggars. Or as we like to call it, Jammys or JB’s.

Jammy Buggar: British slang for a lucky individual, charmed, blessed, favored, serendipitous.

For as long as I could remember B and I have gone to JB’s for date nights especially on Thursday’s for their 25-cent wing night. Yum! It’s the perfect place for a cheap date, good food and a fun atmosphere and perfect for viewing games on the big screen.  We go on streaks of consecutive wing nights and like to get the loaded fries (definitely a splurge) to accompany our wings with blue cheese! Beers usually flow and the waitresses always remember us, which makes it more of a neighborhood vibe, where everyone knows your name. *winks*

Our friends also have a soft spot for JB’s which has also kept us going back.  Not to mention when we were painting and working on the our house (aka eating out a lot) JB’s take out was our jam.  Not only do they slay up some mean wings, they also have amazing burgers, juicy with a wide variety of toppings and the ability to customize as you please. Their salads are awesome too when you are feeling the need to eat healthier, you really can’t go wrong.

Within the last year or so, JB’s started offering brunch on Sunday’s… oh. my. god. It was like a win-win in our opinion, one of our favorite spots was now offering one of our favorite meals! Again, they knocked it out of the park with their brunch menu, you truly can’t pick out a bad dish. B and I definitely have our go too’s.  For me it’s either the Breakfast Burrito or Sausage & Gravy Benny with a bloody mary. Their potatoes are cooked to perfection.

Jammys is definitely our go-to place when we are itching to get out and have a nice little date night to chat about our wedding plans, catching up on the day, celebrating milestones and sharing with our friends and family. If you’re ever in the neighborhood or haven’t been it should definitely be on your list!


#EmnBWed – The Date

Woah, it’s August 1st!  Where has the summer gone? Where has 2016 gone? I can’t believe it!

It was late-May that B and I decided on a date, August XX 2017, and it seemed like a long ways away, but now that it’s August 1st, we are inching closer to the year-mark. Ah!  It always seemed like we had more than enough time to plan and figure things out.  But now it definitely feels like it’s go time. I know this next year is going to fly by.  The good news is we’ve made some, in my opinion, serious progress over this past weekend!  Go us!

Photo cred: Timothy Logan Photography

Now, I’m not going to give out specifics because that would be too easy, I need to build the suspense for all of you.  But things are definitely cranking and over this next month I know a few other details and specifics will be finalized.  B and I are both getting excited, and I love that B is getting excited, involved and helping make decisions.

As we’ve started figuring out a few details, a million other little ones seem to pop up in it’s path… and as I start exploring those little paths the price tags keep adding up, a couple grand here, a couple more over there… there are a few things we will definitely need to be creative with and already have some ideas on how to do just that.  I can’t wait to share those little details once we get a few more of the bigger ones finalized.

Part of me, is ready to get this done and marry B, and just elope.  Another part of me is so excited to see our dreams come to life for our special day. So I think I’m going to wait and take the ladder.

Cheers to August!